Chief Creative Officer . Content Strategist and Creator . Digital Toy Maker


Aligning teams that tell stories and tinker with emerging technology to take design, content, media, advertising, entertainment and product solutions into uncharted territory. Building bizarre spaces and experiences that break monotony and leave audiences with a sense of childish wonder (playfulness) and belonging (community).

I have worked in various cities across four continents ( Los Angeles, Miami, Vancouver, Lagos, Mumbai, Bangalore ) over the past 12+ years, with a quick turnaround time in setting up teams, strategies and processes that drive innovation, deliver solutions that are experience-oriented, achieve business and brand objectives, and align with the vision of clients.

My clients have included Amazon, HBO, A&E, Universal Studios, CNN, Budweiser, Disney, VH1, Uber, ESPN, Sony, Unilever, Hearst and many others. I have been recognized at the PCQuest Best IT implementation awards, the Olive Crown Awards, the BBC campaign digital media awards and at GoaFest. My work has been featured in magazines such as Advanced Photoshop, Creative Gaga and ACM Multimedia.